La Maison Mondiale is part of the Azdan Investments based in UAE. La Maison Mondiale was incorporated in the year 2011 with the objective of setting-up businesses in GCC countries, India, Turkey and Egypt. The thrust of the organization is to set up businesses organically - Mergers and Acquisitions will be considered only as part of backward integration or for furthering own Businesses. The accent is to identify concepts and opportunities, develop them into viable business models, incubate these businesses in select markets and then expand the operations to cover all foot-print markets and service our customers.

La Maison Mondiale endeavors to bring the latest and most advanced products and services from around the globe to customers in the region through its unique and distinctive business units. While Business entities like retail show rooms, project organizations and the re-distribution centers cater to the needs of all Market Segments, the service organizations that is an integral part of each businesses offer seamless service to our customers at all levels.


We have a world-wide presence in 12 countries and growing. Our head office is located in UAE and other locations
are included: India, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

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